July 22, 2008

New Stash!

While being on a short holiday trip to visit friends and family in Germany and the Netherlands, I also took a day do visit my dutch aunt. She is at least as crazy about cross stitching as I am, if not even more crazy. As always as I am going to her place, I'm stacking up on cross stitch supplies. Especially this time I made a great deal. I got tons of stuff.
While getting already a bad conscience because of taking so many things, my aunt was disappointed of me not taking more.
I guess, soon I have to go back with a bigger suitcase :D

Lot's of cross stitch kids and fabrics in any possible color....

... and I also got this bag full of threads. They once belonged to an elderly lady, who gave this bag to my aunt. Most of the colors are DMC, but there are also some other brands. Not all of the colors are marked with a number, so it will take some time to go through all of this and figure out what I actually have in my stash now.

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