October 22, 2008

cute little blue bird

This little bird is so cute. I just love it. The patterns is from a French homepage called ABC Broderie and is available as a freebie. Check it out! They have many more beautiful designs there.
I stared stitching this one already beginning of this year, but for some reason it ended up under a big pile of other stitching projects in my "in progress basket" and I forgot that I still have to finish it. Maybe because I am stitching it on 22ct. Aida and that is sooooo small. While cleaning out my basket a couple of days ago, it fell back into my hands and I decided to finish it right away.


kama said...

What an adorable birdie!
What so you do when you're finished with the stitches? I never know what to make with them, so they just keep laying around. I'm not much of a pillow or frame-them person.



Daniela said...

Hi Katarina,

I will finish this little bird as a greeting card, because it is so small. Some pieces end up as a center piece for a tablecloth, some as pillows, my sampler mostly get framed (I'm dreaming of a long hallway full of samplers) and a special thing I like to do, is covering little wooden boxes for all the little stuff laying around, like jeweleries and desktop supplies.