November 15, 2008

Fall Depression

Do you know those days were you are hanging around in your PJ all day long. Lounging on the couch, being bored for no reason but also don't get the motivation for doing something? That's what hit me today. I kind of blame it on the bad weather here in Finland. It isn't fall anymore but not yet winter. It is dark, cold and rainy. So while whining about myself my lovely DH-to-be caught me in this picture.

I think it is hilarious and made me really laugh about myself. So finally I got my boody up and did some stitching, though I wasn't in the mood at all for any of my SAL stitching (they take for ever to finish). I started something small and fast to finish to cheer myself up.

I picked this lovely Christmas pattern from Prairie Schooler which is their latest freebie. I have no idea yet how to finish it up, probably I make a Christmas greeting card.


bianca said...

Niedliches Bäumchen. Aber mal einen Tag faul sein ist ja auch ok. Geht mir manchmal auch so.
LG Bianca

Rowyn said...

A great little finish. Sometimes something small is just what you need to get out of a stitching slump.