January 9, 2009

My blog rocks!

Good evening everybody! I am so happy to show you what I received yesterday from my dear cross stitch friend Bianca.

Yes! I got an Award for my blog. Now it is up to me to pass this Award on to another 5 people. I was thinking about it half the night and it was definitely not easy, but I finally came to a conclusion. My nominees are:

The Scarlett House - because any time I look up this blog, I spend way more time reading and looking at the beautiful pictures than I intend to
Stitching under the Southern Cross - because Rowyn is not just a wonderful stitching buddy, but I am also a huge fan of New Zealand and love to read about this wonderful country
The Twisted Stitcher - because Vonna's blog is a big inspiration to me
Daffycat - because it is so much fun reading this blog
Einschies Stitching Blog - because Gaby has the longest active blog list I have seen so far. I admire you :)


The Scarlett house said...

Hi Daniela, thank you so much for the award. It made my day to see your comment. It makes me happy to know that you enjoy visiting my blog. I've added you to my links and I look forward to getting to know you.

Einschies stitching blog said...

Ich hab ihn soeben auch mitgenommen;-)) Danke,
Gruss Gaby