January 16, 2009

My current work

I kind of feel bad, that lately I have so less cross stitching progress to show, but it is all about me spending lots of hours at school or work. So I thought instead of my non existing stitching progress, I am going to show you what I am busy with in my work.

Together with my boss we are rebuilding this EMW car. We are doing the entire interior and the seats. Last week we started to build up the basics for the ceiling fabric and today we actually started to sew the ceiling in. This is a hell of a job. Almost all the time we were sewing right above our heads. That means stiff legs, stiff neck and some really weird feeling in the arms after holding them over the head for hours. But all of this was definately worth it. The ceiling fits perfectly. Monday morning we will sew the sides tide and than the car is ready to go back to the garage to get an engine (and all the other parts I have now idea of). In summer it will come back to us, to get the rest of the interior fit in. I'm already excited about that.


Michele said...

wow! very impressive :) that's a lot of work!

Wendy said...

I have just finished reading your blog and enjoyed it very much. You make wonderfull things. I also love to do cross stitching, but also all kinds of creative things.
I will come back again and visit your blog.