January 3, 2009

New Project !

One of my big goals for the year 2009 is to stitch up and finish all, or at least most of my work in progress projects. That includes not to start to many new projects, otherwise my WIP baskets gets filled up right away. And believe me, my "Want-to-do-list" is amazingly long. But after just stitching up 3 big projects in a role, I though I can tread myself with a medium sized new project.
I chose a design from Dimensions Gold Collection petites called Butterflies on nine-patches. I bought this kit more than 4 years ago in America while I was living there, but never had the time or encouragement to start stitching it. That all changed a couple of days ago and I'm glad it did. It is so much fun stitching. It has so many bright colors. It makes me literally forget about cold and dark Finnish winters.

Here are the results after day 1 and day 2 of stitching:

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Rowyn said...

It's lovely, and so colourful!