February 28, 2009

My day at Wanha Satama....

It was really crazy at the Fair this morning. We went there quite early and got in right at that time when they opened but still it was so packed. Some stands were that crowded that we just passed them, because there was no way getting a good look at the outlet anyways. So over all we spent only one hour at the fair, but I was glad getting home after that. I'm anyways not a big fan of crowded places.
Here is a picture of the prey I made. I was a nice girl and bought only a few things: 2 skeins of turquoise felting wool for making a nice summer shoulder bag, 3 bags (I got one extra for free) of naturally dyed felting wool in indigo blue, green and yellow, 3 bags of KoolAid for dying and 2 hand painted greeting cards.

No cross stitch stash thou, cause it seems to me that cross stitching is not very popular in Finland. There people are knitting and felting like crazy. I can knit a decent scarf but I have never felted before and thought I give it a try. My friend is a big felting expert and gave me some advises and helped me picking the right wool.
If you are interested in felting or felting wool in generous you should take a look at Värtsilän Villa & Värjäämö. This is the site from the stand I bought the little packs of felting wool. It is very impressive and all in English with many pictures.

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