March 28, 2009

snowflakes and antiques

Even thou there is almost no time for my favorite hobby, I made a little progress. Today between my porridge and a cup of coffee I finished the snow crystal I was stitching for Evelyn's Round Robin. I actually don't like to stitch that much with light colors on dark fabric, but I think it turned out quite nice. I kind of like the idea of having something simple as snow crystals on a winter table cloth. I'm thinking about making something similar for myself, but than with a light colored blue linen fabric.

I also have to show you 2 pictures of my newest treasure. It is this real antique secretaire desk. It is in a rather bad condition. The paint is peeling of and some of the wooden parts have to be repaired of changed. I also have to build 2 little drawers, cause the original ones are missing. My only problem now is that I have so less time fixing it right away. And I really would like to have it at home middle of May when my parents and god parents are coming from Germany and The Netherlands to visit.


The Scarlett House said...

What a wonderful desk. Please show it again when you are finished.

Daniela said...

I will! Promise!

bianca said...

Schöne Flöckchen. Auf dem blauen Stoff ist es bestimmt nicht so leicht zu sticken. Ich hatte mal einen noch dunkleren Stoff und da sind mir fast die Augen rausgefallen. Das hab ich ja sonst nie.
LG BIanca