April 13, 2009

Little Moon Welcome

Easter holidays are almost over. Besides some nice long walking through the woods that almost ended up in 3 hour hiking trips, we stayed most of the time home spread out on our sofas. And that means I had a lot of time for stitching.
I made some great progress on Little Moon Welcome. There are a few blank spots due to two colors missing. I figured I will substitute them when everything else is stitched up.


The Scarlett House said...

I love the area below the house. It looks very different. Glad you had a lot of time for stitching.

KimV said...

Daniela... I love little moon... I love your color choices!
Has the mail man not brought you anything yet??? Yours came so quick... please let me know that it makes it to you!

bianca said...

Das ist ja ein schönes Haus. Ist das Bild fertig oder wird noch was dazu gestickt?