May 20, 2009

Back to normal

The happy family days are over. My parents and god parents are back in there home countries and slightly everything is going back to normal over here.
On my last post, I have been asked if we really eat reindeer here in Finland and YES, we do. It is traditional Finnish food and very delicious. There are all kind of different recipes out here. Just don't tell your kids about it, we don't want to ruin Christmas :-)
Than, while reading your lovely comments, I got to know that you are at least as crazy about sweet treats as I am. So here are some more. For teatime on Sunday, I made for my family Chocolate cupcakes with Vanilla cream topping. I got 32 cakes out of the dough and we ate at least half of them.

I love cooking and backing at least as much as cross stitching and I am considering on giving a cooking / backing blog a try.
I also got a little bit of new stash. The missing colors for my Little Moon Welcome Sampler have been brought by my parents. My aunt has a huge stash in her attic, so I never have to buy those things. I just give her a call and she sends it over. And always, she sends a little bit more. This time I got some 16ct. Aida and 25. and 28ct. linen and two new kits. I have no idea, when to use that all. I have so little time.

Last but not least. My secretary desk is finished. Well not entirely, there are some small things missing that I will adjust later. But the paint is on and it is standing already in our hallway.

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Cindy F. said...

I know you enjoyed your family visit, but I'm sure you're glad things are going back your norm!
Reindeer? Why not? We eat deer here:)
Your cupcakes are so pretty. A cooking blog sounds great!
Nice new stash and how awesome to have an aunt help supply your stitching needs!
I LOVE, LOVE your secretary desk! and in my favorite color:)