June 14, 2009

Mary Wigham and a small finish

First of all I'd like to show you my latest finish. I stitched the Checkerboard Bunny from Waxing Moon Designs. When I started stitching it I realized that the white color for the bunny is so not going with the fabric (it was pale yellow before) so I decided to dye it in tea over night. After dyeing then the white was looking great, but non of the other colors where matching anymore. So I basically changed every single pastel color to a much bolder one. I really like how it turned out.

I also made some progress on my Mary Wigham Sampler, thou I haven't even finished the first part yet. But also here I made a few changes. I wrote in a previous post that I would go with the original colors, but my Mr. wasn't to happy with them. So I created a new color pallet for my Mary Wigham. The new colors range from black, over dark gray, brown, salmon, sage green to a rust red. My Mr. is now very happy with the color choses and I have to say I am a lot more pleased too.


Jan said...

Love your MW palette, and you are making great progress!

Your lil bunny finish is too, too cute!;)

Kathy A. said...

Very cute little bunny. I love your color choices for Mary Wingham. Look forward to watching your progress

Suzanne said...

This is a very cute finish! I love the colours you have chosen for the Mary Wigham sampler.

Rowyn said...

Love your little bunny finish - so cute.

Your start on Mary Wigham is gorgeous. I'm waiting on my fabric, and hope it arrives soon so I can get cracking on it to :-)

The Scarlett House said...

Too cute. Love your color changes on both. I'd rather stitch with bolder, richer colors myself.

Cindy F. said...

Love your dyed fabric and the bunny stitch is adorable!
Great color choices for Mary and beautiful progress:)