July 26, 2009

Airplane stitching

Last week the Mr. and I have been on a short vacation trip to visit my parents in Germany. I haven't posted about this visit earlier, because it was mend to be a surprise for my mom, who's birthday was last week. My dad was celebrating his birthday as well. They gave a big Barbecue party and my sweetheart finally met the rest of my family. 7 remaining from 11 siblings of my dad and a brother and a twin sister of my mom. The party was kept to the closest family and a few friends only, because all my aunts and uncles have children that have children that are almost grownups and that kind of family party would burst every budget.

It takes only 2 hours by plane to get from Finland to Germany, but that time is long enough to get me bored out of my scull. So I always take some cross stitching stuff with me. I like to stitch very small designs on an airplane, cause they are very handy and don't need much space.

I stitched the chamomile on our way from Helsinki to Germany and almost finished it all up, but 30 min before landing we had turbulence due to bad weather and after poking the needle several times into my fingers I had to stop.
The second one I started is the bergamot flower from the same design pack, but due to I kited it up to myself I ran out of thread and had to stop. I will finish it sometime during upcoming week.

I also started this little angel during our stay at my parent's place and finished it up yesterday night. It is called "Candle Light" and a design from Hummel. My aunt (she came to the birthday party) gave me again a big bag full of cross stitch kits and this one is one of them. I like the colors very much of this one.


Cari said...

What a wonderful birthday surprise for your mom. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

I am the same way, I try to pick a small piece to cross stitch on trips - it's amazing how much I can complete.

Your flowers and little Hummel our wonderful.

Enjoy your evening.


Cindy F. said...

How exciting for your parents to have you and your sweetheart there for such a wonderful birthday surprise!!
Your stitching on the plane reminds me of trying to stitch in the car while dh drives...OUCH!!! Pretty flowers and love the little angel!
How sweet of your aunt to give you a bag full of kits!! You got a nice surprise too:)

Michelle said...

It sounds like you had a great time at your parents! I absolutely love your little Hummel - I have a weakness for them! In fact, I blogged about my collection of charts just last week :)

Happy stitching!