August 25, 2009

Day trip to Tallinn, Estonia

Again I don't have much stitching progress to show to you. I made a little progress on my Mary Wigham, but by far not as much as I was hoping to make.
But I'd like to show you some pictures of our yesterday's Day Trip instead. At the moment we are having two friends from New York staying over and yesterday we went for a short visit to Tallinn in Estonia. It was also for me the first time to visit Tallinn and I was so amazed. We took the boat, which takes only 2 1/2 hours, in the morning and walked a little bit around in the Old Town area of Tallinn . We were about to go for lunch somewhere when we met a girl in medieval clothes offering home backed bread in the streets. The girl belonged to a Medieval Restaurant, so we went there to eat. We actually just wanted to have a quick lunch and then move on, but it was all so good that we spend our entire time in that restaurant.

Our boat and a picture of Helsinki while leaving the harbor.

The Old Town of Tallinn

Olde Hansa, The Medieval Restaurant of Tallinn

I had for lunch game pot with ginger turnip and my Mr. had lamb stew with lentils. On side dish we both also had pickled vegetables and white mashed beans backed in bread. For dessert Mr. had a very delicious apple pie with almond butter sauce and I had a rose pudding. But for some reason we forgot to make pictures of the desserts. Throughout lunch we had spiced red wine and many different kinds of homemade spiced liquors. It was all so delicious!

These pictures are showing the porch we had lunch at, our two American friends, my Mr. and me and as you can see we had a great time. Lots of happy faces.


Siobhan said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pics of Tallinn! I've never been there and have always wondered what it's like there. The pictures are wonderful! I'm glad you had a good time.

Hope you enjoy working with the GAST threads. They are fun--I love the names.

Xangles said...

You look like you all had a fantastic time. The grat thing about living in Europe is that cities and countries are so close to each other. To give you an example - a quick visit to see my family in Canberra was a 5hr flight from Perth. Though Perth is a gorgeous city, we're so isolated from everywhere else.
fond regards,