August 5, 2009

A little bit of this and that ...

Good Morning everybody! Today it is a beautiful morning promising a beautiful sunny day. Too bad that I cannot really enjoy it. It caught a flu or better to say a bronchitis and running around outside might not be the best idea, warm sunny weather or not. So I will enjoy the day from my big living room windows.

I wish I could show you some progress on my Mary Wigham Sampler but I have to admit that I was too lazy working on it. From time to time I get this disliking of big projects and than do only very small ones for a while. So I did also last week. I finished the Bergamot that I started already in the airplane and also finished a Freebie called Chocolate Covered Cherries. I really love the colors of this one. After finishing up those small ones I usually just store them in a box and than once a year I mount them into greating cards.

I also received an email from my Fair & Square Summer Round partner Malinda. My Squares for her arrived a little while ago, so now I can share the pictures with you.
I picked a design from By the Bay Needleart because it is one of my favorite designers without even knowing it is one of Malinda's favorites too. The design has been a Freebie and can be found on by the bay's blog.


Cari said...

I am so sorry you are underweather!

I love the Chocolate Covered Cherries - it was a fun, quick finish. On my finish, instead of little x's for the background I used pink beads to add some sparkle. My MIL has it and is turning it into a pillow for me. I really like your idea of turning yours into greeting cards - I may have to borrow your idea.

Hopefully you can sit by a window and stitch in the sunlight while resting.


Michelle said...

Your stitching looks lovely - the 'chocolate covered cherries' piece is beautiful! Hope you feel better soon :)

bianca said...

Die Kirschen sehen zum Anbeißen aus.Toll gestickt!