September 1, 2011

Petit Sampler part 1 and a Crazy Challenge

After many weeks without stitching a single cross, I've finally picked up my stitching needle again. I am behind on almost all my SALs and it will take me a little while to catch up with them. Well today I finished the first part of the Petit Sampler SAL I am stitching in my German cross stitching group.

One reason for me to now quickly finish all my WIPs and small SALs is that I have signed up for the Crazy January Challenge 2012. Many of you have probably heard about this indeed crazy challenge or are even participating in the 2011 Round. I have already picked a few of my projects and started assembling fabric and threads. The hardest part for me is to wait until January to finally start stitching. But wait, there is still that huge pile of WIPs that has to get ready first.


country stitcher said...

This Petit Sampler is beautiful!! love the colors.
I also have joined the Crazy January Challenge 2012.
Happy Stitching

Nina said...

What a beautiful sampler will this be! Can't wait to see more progress :)
Happy stitching!

Sari said...

You have really nice colors in your Petit Sampler. It will be gorgeous!