January 22, 2012

Crazy January Challenge - Days 8 to 15

Here are days 8 to 15 of my Crazy January Challenge.
Day 8 - Merry Christmas Stockings by Blackbird Designs
I started stitching this 1-o-1 until I realized that the design calls for 2-o-2 AND 1-o-1. So how am I going to make the 1-o-1 parts even smaller? I will just have to start it allover again with a a different fabric.
Day 9 - Monsieur Cockerel by V. Enginger
Day 10 - Night Time in Olde Towne by Elizabeth's Garden
I am stitching this one on 40ct. white linen
Day 11 - Old World Santa by Carol Emmer
I'm embarrassed to say, but I haven't yet placed a single stitch to this project.
Day 12 - Pur vegetal (3rd of 3 French designs from an old German magazine)
Day 13 - Tante Minna by Kreuzstitch Liebe
Not much done on this project.
Day 14 - The Good Neighbor by the Drawn Thread
I find this one a rather difficult project. Some parts are stitched in cross stitch and some in tent stitch, but all with 2 strands of floss. Which is fine, but the fabric is a 26ct and I am stitching over one thread. I think I will get myself a hoop before continuing on this project.
Day 15 - Volle Fahrt voraus by Kreuzstich Liebe
Don't get overwhelmed with this start. It is by far not a start at all. I have been stitching on this project all week long, mostly while taking the bus or train to work. I just love the design. It's from a brand new German Designer.


Niina said...

Ihania Daniela!

Анна - Зонт said...

Every day a different designe?!!! Coooool :)))

Kate said...

Wow! You have a wide range of designs to stitch.