August 3, 2012

my Grandma's stitching

Has it really been that long since my last post? So many things have happened in the past 6 weeks. For two weeks now, I have a new full time work. It really keeps me busy and many evenings I am just too tired for any stitching. Though I still did a lot of due date stitching during the past few weeks. I finished the poppy tablecloth and took it with me to Germany where I met my aunt to give it back to her. It looks really beautiful, but it isn't complete yet. My aunt will finished the table cloth with a beautiful lace border. Hopefully I will get some pictures to share with you.
While the Mr. and I were in Germany we visited my family and I dug out some of my old stuff and also some of my parents things. My parents are moving from a big house to a much smaller apartment and can't take everything with them. They still have plenty of beautiful stitchings that my Grandma did and I took a few with me to Finland.

This is the birth sampler my Grandma stitched for me
The fairy was also stitched by my Grandma, but I don't remember for which occasion I got it
next one is a wall hanging that my Grandma stitched for my mother
it is stitched in petit point and so beautiful

take a look at the date
my mom got this one for her Birthday two years before I was born. That makes this bird hanging 36 years old.

Besides those few pictures I also received two big tablecloth that my Grandmother made. One of them is made in white work on linen and the other one is a huge Christmas table cloth including six napkins. Of course they will be only used for very special occasions. 
Tomorrow and Sunday I will meet with my friend Virpi and a few others for a small stitching gathering. I started a new SAL during my vacation and I will start two more stitching projects for my kitchen. And of course I will go back to my old 10-hour-rotation to get some of the old UFOs and WIPs done. But more about that in my next post.


Lady Periphaeria said...

She has done some beautiful works!

UFOs are supposed to be finished?! Maybe I am in denial (with that pile I have to). ;)

Virpi said...

So wonderful works you grandmom have made! The bird-one is so beautiful. It´s good they have a new home now.

Today was wonderful time and tomorrow we continue. What a wonderful weekend!

Virpi said...

Now I know where you have inheritated your talents =D. I would have never guessed that the bird design is stitch so many years ago. Those kind of wall hanging kits are sold nowdays too.

Catherine said...

How wonderful to have those pieces!! They are lovely!