August 7, 2012

Start on a new SAL

I did it again. I started a new project. In this case it is another SAL that is running in my German stitching group. The design is a mix between a band- and a patchwork sampler. It is called "Many years ago" and is designed by Gudi Kolden.
as usual I changed the colours of this design. I am stitching on 32ct. Murano in Granite grey with my own hand overdyed threads in earthy shades.

I also tried to re-arrange my my 10-hours- rotation.  I thought, now that most of my due date projects are finished, I will have the time to work on my WIPs. But just then more due date stitching is popping up. Luckily this time they are all small and can be stitched very quickly.
Anyway, as far as my rotation goes, I will be working mainly on:
- Alphabet 1900 (Riesenmustertuch)
- Fruit Wreath
- many years ago Sampler
- On travel with Jane Austen
-and one new project: the Heluna milk jug from Arabia


Анна - Зонт said...

I am sure that 10-hours-rotation
is a great idea. I will start it also. Your projects are very interesting!

Catherine said...

I love this ~ so pretty!