May 3, 2013

Blog announcement and an exchange received

As you can read from the post title I have an announcement to make. 
A couple weeks back I started a new blog, which means that at some point I will stop updating this one. The reason is, that I wanted to change my email address to keep all my blogs and handcrafts under just one profile. But unfortunately blogger didn't allow me to do so. So the only think to do, was starting a complete new blog.
On the one hand I am sad stopping this blog. I am afraid I will loose a good deed of my followers and might loose contact to so many of my dear stitching friends I have found through this blog, but then on the other hand I am very excited too. My style has changed so much during the last five or six years and most of my earlier posts on this blog do not resemble my style nowadays anymore. 
I am kind of glad to start with a clean slate and build a blog that represents me and my crafts as the person I am now.
But don't  be afraid  I won't just suddenly stop writing here. I rather think that I will keep this blog running till the end of this year. Just gradually reducing my updates and linking to the post on my new blog.

Only thing left to say is the name of this new blog, and it is Bramblewood Needleworks.
It doesn't look like much yet, but I am working on that part.
And now for the received exchange. During my stitching weekend in Hauho I asked Kirsi if she'd be interested in doing a mailart exchange with me. Kirsi has done many of these exchanges and I've always wanted to try it myself. We agreed on something primitive and as a big surprise to me Kirsi's envelope already arrived a few weeks ago.
Here is just one picture of her mailart but the full post is on the Bramblewood blog.


Catherine said...

Congrats on your new blog. I am curious as to how you came to use Bramblewood, as my blog is Bramblewood Stitches ~ the name being based on the name of my childhood home. I'll pop on over!

Sweet Sue said...

I'll follow you over at your new blog too, thx for the heads up and congrats! That is one very sweet exchange, mail art is so special:)

Nina said...

This is such a beautiful project!
I never had tried the mailart - always been afraid of it will loose, but I love it so much :)

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

les couleurs sont très tendres ! j'adore
bisous bisous