May 3, 2013

Blog announcement and an exchange received

As you can read from the post title I have an announcement to make. 
A couple weeks back I started a new blog, which means that at some point I will stop updating this one. The reason is, that I wanted to change my email address to keep all my blogs and handcrafts under just one profile. But unfortunately blogger didn't allow me to do so. So the only think to do, was starting a complete new blog.
On the one hand I am sad stopping this blog. I am afraid I will loose a good deed of my followers and might loose contact to so many of my dear stitching friends I have found through this blog, but then on the other hand I am very excited too. My style has changed so much during the last five or six years and most of my earlier posts on this blog do not resemble my style nowadays anymore. 
I am kind of glad to start with a clean slate and build a blog that represents me and my crafts as the person I am now.
But don't  be afraid  I won't just suddenly stop writing here. I rather think that I will keep this blog running till the end of this year. Just gradually reducing my updates and linking to the post on my new blog.

Only thing left to say is the name of this new blog, and it is Bramblewood Needleworks.
It doesn't look like much yet, but I am working on that part.
And now for the received exchange. During my stitching weekend in Hauho I asked Kirsi if she'd be interested in doing a mailart exchange with me. Kirsi has done many of these exchanges and I've always wanted to try it myself. We agreed on something primitive and as a big surprise to me Kirsi's envelope already arrived a few weeks ago.
Here is just one picture of her mailart but the full post is on the Bramblewood blog.

April 15, 2013

My stitching weekend

As promised in my last post are here now the pictures of the stitching retreat during the weekend.

The weekend took place at an old country estate called Wuolteen kartano in Hauho. It was just the most beautiful place. Unfortunately the weather wasn't of it's finest. Spring is still far away and we had some rain.
This is the front view of the main building where we had our rooms and took our meals.
The main house seen from the lake side.
The little house on the right is the sauna building. It is right next to the lake.

The whole weekend was organised by the cross stitching shop Emmuli and needless to say Emmuli was open for business during the entire time.

Most tempting for me where all those beautiful fabrics and hand-dyed flosses and ribbons by Nina and I got myself quite some beautiful goodies.
Included in the weekend package was a little stitching gift. 

Quite a few stitchers already finished it during the retreat. Though not me. I was far to busy working on my Biedermeier Sampler. I just couldn't lay it out of my hands and made great progress.

Now that this sampler is almost finished I have to start thinking about the next one. Sari brought along one very old Burda magazine that includes a gorgeous German reproduction Sampler. She was so kind to borrow me the whole magazine and I can't wait to  buy some 35ct. Floba to start it.

But I have also bought another reproduction Sampler chart from Emmuli.
This one is Miriam Chilver's Sampler from 1833 by "Samplers Remebered". The Sampler is most likely American but includes English Symbols. It is much smaller than the Biedermeier sampler and I think I will stitch it on a lower count. Maybe one of my new 30ct's.

After all, I had a wonderful time with good friends and lots of cross stitching. 

April 11, 2013

Emmuli stitching weekend

I only have a few project pictures for you today. I have no time for stitch, too busy packing my suitcase and preparing my weekend.
Tomorrow I will go to my first cross stitching weekend. Yes! WEEKEND! Friday to Sunday. Three days full of cross stitching, chatting, laughing, eating cake and pulla and (since this is in Finland) Sauna.

I have been thinking about which stitching projects to take along.
Lately I have been stitching a little on 1814 Butterfly Collection by Carriage House Samplings and I think that one definitely has to come.
There are quite a few butterflies that have specialty stitches. After trying out the satin stitch in one butterfly I decided to leave all the satin stitches to the end, so the threads don't shed while I am still working on it.

Next project in my rotation would be the Biedermeier Sampler.
I only stitched a very little since my last update on this project, but it is one of my favorites, so it has to come as well.
I think my most favorite part of this sampler are the yellow reindeer, aren't they just too cute?

Without a doubt I will take my pouch project by Jeanny's Merklapperie with me. This design was once a SAL that now ended, but the chart is still on her blog. There you can also see pictures of the finished pouches. There are many color variations to see, but I wanted to stitch it in the original colors. Well almost, I changed the bright red to a more softer shade.
I thought, with all the chatting and laughing that will go on during the weekend, it might be smart to have also one easy stitching project. 

This is all for now. My next post will come after the weekend and hopefully I have lots of new pictures to show.

April 8, 2013

Tralala-recipe book

Today I have another finished project for you. It the Tralala design Maison no.4 and I finished it into a recipe book.
I made this for my friend Virpi as part of a private Birthday exchange. 
The design is stitched with DMC and Atalie threads on 32ct. Jobelan.

The book was only one part of the exchange. If you would like to see the whole package visit Virpi's blog here
Here's a picture how it looks inside. The cover sheet has a few wrinkles but it still looks fine.
I have been finishing lately quite a few of my stitching projects and always get a lot of compliments. I was wondering if for my next projects I should take pictures and make a finishing tutorial. Would there be any interest for that? Let me know what you think.

April 4, 2013

Guardians of the Sea - The little Stitcher

I have been finishing a few projects during this March. My latest finish is a small project pouch. 
The design is called "The Guardians of the Sea" by The Little Stitcher
The colors are so soft and beautiful.

The design is stitched on a laced linen band 28ct. in DMC.
I bought the lace band and the flower fabric both from Emmuli.
The outside fabric is a natural linen I had in my stash.
The ribbon is a piece of upholstery ribbon.

March 4, 2013

Time for Tea

Some of you might remember that I participated in the Crazy January Challenge 2012 with very little success. I finished only four out of the 15 designs that I have started. Actually if I remember, I started only 13. So I failed right from the start. 
So for this years Challenge I decided to stitch 12 WIPs.

In January I made some great progress on the Biedermeier sampler. In February I stitched a little on many years ago and for March I decided to finish "Night Time in Olde Towne" by Elizabeth's Garden. To my own surprise I stitched and finished the design in just three days. 

The design is stitched on Sajou linen in natural that I bought from Emmuli. If you would like to see a before picture of the box click here.

March 2, 2013

Valentine's Day exchange

I should have posted about my latest Fair & Square exchange earlier, but I had the pictures stored on my husbands work computer and only remembered today, to transfer them to my own. 
Anyway, the latest exchange was a Valentine's Day theme and I was partnered with Pokua in Australia.  Pokua is a very talented stitcher and I admire her style a lot. So it is needless to say that I was very pleased having her as a partner.

These are the squares she stitched for me.
Secretly I was hoping for a heart shaped design. I have always wanted to add a heart pillow to my Fair&Square basket and my wish came true. 

I think it looks gorgeous. What do you think?

Her is a picture of the square I stitched for Pokua. The design is from Samplers & Santas and is one of her pear designs. I had to move the first few letters a little to fit it into a  more square-like shape.
The picture is not of a  very good quality. I am sorry about that.