June 6, 2009

Mary Wigham

First of all I want to thank all of you for the nice words about my passed exam. Yes I am very glad it is all over now. Rowyn also ask me, if that means that I have now more time for stitching and yes, it means exactly that. But I also started to read my fellow stitching blogs more seriously. In the past there was just time and patience to look at all the beautiful pictures. I found out, that many of you are stitching the Mary Wigham SAL and posted already the first pictures. It was also Rowyn's blog where I discovered the link to this SAL. Thank you so much for this. Here is now my start of the Mary Wigham Sampler:

I am stitching with the suggested DMC colors, just because I have so much on stash of it that I could start right away. The fabric I have chosen is a raw unevenweave linen from India. The count is something around 39, it's hard to tell because the threads are not all of the same thickniss, as well there are many knots in it. This fabric isn't meant to be used for embroidery. I usually use it for upholstering furniture. But I think it will give the Sampler a nice old touch. Thou it will take a while until I am used to it and I only make slow progress because I have to be so carefully where I poke in the needle.
I love this sampler already now a lot, thou my Mr. isn't really impressed by the design. Maybe in later progress I am able to change his mind.
The Mary Wigham is published by Needleprint. Check out their blog, they have amazingly beautiful Samplers there.


Siobhan said...

Congrats on finishing your exam!! The chair looks wonderful.

I love your start on Mary Wigham!

Rowyn said...

I love your start on Mary Wigham too. I am glad I was able to enable you... lol.

You are lucky that you had the fabric in your stash so you could start right away. I guess mine won't arrive for a week or two!

Sandy said...

Hi Daniela,

I´m stitiching this great SAL also.
This is wonderful. Your little progress is lovely.

The Scarlett House said...

I'll enjoy watching your progress.