August 15, 2009

Great news!

Those of you who are reading my blog frequently know that in the beginning of Summer I got my bicycle stolen. Well, guess what? IT IS BACK!!!
Because of not having a regular day job (upholstery jobs are very rare and I have to wait until Autumn until something comes up) I am working shifts at a nightclub a couple of nights a week. So while I was on my way to work I saw my bike at our local train station. It was locked up, so I couldn't do much myself. I called for the police immediately and got also my Mr. somehow to the station. I was on my way to work and haven't had the time to wait for the police and since it was Friday night in the Capital area, they were busy, I made my Mr. wait. While he was waiting I took off to work so the following has only been told to me. After about 1 1/2 hours of waiting, a guy showed up to take THE/MY bike, so MR. jumped up and claimed the bike back. It turned out that this guy bought the bike for 20€ without knowing it was stolen. But of course he didn't like to get into further trouble, so he just handed the bike over and my Mr. took it home. The police never showed up, nor did we get any further notice on a reaction. Well, I guess they were way to busy to get all the drunk driving party people of the road.


Kathy A. said...

Oh Daniela - I am so happy to hear you got your bike back. I know you loved it. How about a photo?
I absolutely loved my Fair Squares. Thank you so much.
I love your Chocolate and Cherries and it made me smile.
I have made two blueberry pies this week - blueberries are in season here too.

Cari said...

What an amazing story! How wonderful to have your bike back!

I hope you get to enjoy some bike riding this week. I just returned from an early morning ride with one of my friends.

Jan said...

Such awesome news, Daniela!! Congratulations on finding your treasured bicycle!!

Michelle said...

Daniela, I'm so glad you got your bike back! What a story :)

Tonny said...

Hey Daniela. Welche Freude das dein Fahrrad zurück ist. P.S. Es gibt nur EIN Fahrrad in Finland Made In Grevenbroich.Wünsche viele touren mit dein bike. Liebe Gruße Papa.