January 15, 2010

New stitching progress!

Surprise surprise! I have a few cross stitching pictures to share.
First of all I'd like to show a picture of the Round Robin, that has been stitched for me. I got it back just a few days ago. It's not hard to guess what theme I have chosen. In the empty square bottom right I will stitch some more information, like when it started and when it ended.

As next I made a little progress on Special Delivery. Beginning of December the Mr. and I went to his hometown Oulu and I used the time in the plane to stitch a little.

Then there is another kind of Round Robin, just that this one came with the floss and pattern. It is a Sampler from a German cross stitch magazine and I made the start.

At last I have to show the square I received from my last Fair & Square Round. I am very sad to say, that I am disappointed with this one. It is required to stitch two squares, the actual square with a nice design and a second one with the name and hometown of the person who stitched it. This time I just got the one. No second square, no message, no note and about 3 weeks late. I kind of have the feeling that my exchange partner had no interest in exchanging this time and just stitched something quick after my squares already arrived there. But oh well, the tree sampler square is a really cute design and I bet I will find something nice to turn it into.


Jill said...

Hi Daniela,
I'm so sorry that your Fair Square partner for the Christmas Round did not fulfill her commitment. I have sent her an e-mail inquiring about it. I will keep you informed. I will not just let this slide. When I took over this exchange blog, I made a commitment to run in by the rules.

I am interested in the German sampler you are doing--the peacock caught my eye. Would you be willing to share the pattern source?

Happy Stitching!

Michelle said...

Daniela, the German sampler looks like it is going to be stunning - I am also interested to know in which magazine it was.

How wonderful to receive the round robin piece - the cottage theme is very cute!

bianca said...

Hallo Daniela
dein RR ist ganz toll geworden. Die Häuser sind alle wunderbar. Am liebsten mag ich das von LKE und das was Heide gestickt hat.
Liebe Grüße

Siobhan said...

Daniela, lovely progress on your Special Delivery chart! Would you believe that I totally forgot I had this as a WIP till I looked in my Flickr album. LOL I quickly jotted off an order for the missing thread--I'd love to finish it soon.

I love your RR, and wow! The German RR is going to be stunning.

The Fair & Square piece is nice, but frustrating, I know, when people don't fulfill their obligations for swapping--especially when you take time out of your own stitching to do something for others.

Suzanne said...

Your RR looks very cute with all those cottages. Special Delivery is beautiful, I love the colours of the thread. The German sampler is lovely.

Sorry about your squares, it's a shame when people don't carry through with their committments.

Kathy A. said...

Hi Daniela. Love your RR - so very pretty.
I loved the F&S you stitched for me. I am hoping to make my squares into a quilt in the next few months. I understand how frustrating when your partner doesn't come through. I have been very disappointed a few times too.