January 28, 2011

See the Star 12-14

I've finally managed to upload the pictures from my See the Star progress. The cable to connect my camera to the computer was broken and it took until yesterday that I got a new one. I still have a lot more to stitch and only two more month time. This is going to be a race.
I have also remodelled my blogs a little. New backgrounds, new fonts. I was so bored yesterday that I played around a little with the new templates. I am still doing little changes here and there, but when I am ready with everything I will share the link with you.

Besides cross stitching, I am very busy knitting winter hats. It is still so cold here in Finland and we have so much snow ... and there is more snow coming. I can't wait for spring. If the weather is fine this weekend I will take some pictures of the Finnish Winter Wonderland.


dixiesamplardesigns said...

Oh my, that piece is lovely! So vibrant and sharp looking.

I also love the changes you've made to the blog..especially your fonts. Could you tell me how you changed the fonts in your post and sidebar text? I have mastered the post dates, post titles, and sidebar titles; but, I can't find a good tutorial for the text or my signature...I would love to personalize my signature for each post too. If you have some time, could you email me at dixiesamplardesigns at yahoo dot com with any guidance you can give? Thanks!

Happy Stitchin'

Kathy A. said...

See the Star is coming along beautifully Daniela. I love the colors you have chosen. Stay warm hon - winter will pass.

Siobhan said...

Beautiful stitching, Daniela!

janita mantel said...

beautiful, i love quakers

KimV said...

wow Daniela~ that is gorgeous and I do love your cream on white!