April 16, 2011

Quilts 4 Kids square

Again it's been way to long since my last post. And I still don't have much progress to show. I didn't do much stitching, just a square for the Australian Charity group Quilts 4 Kids. I stitched a square with a beach theme for one of the children. The picture is horrible. The blue colours appear much brighter than they actually are. But I took the picture in a hurry and send out the square before editing the picture. So it was already in the mail when I noticed that I should have taken a better shot.

Thinks are also going a little crazy at my day job in a boat upholstery. Spring finally arrived in Finland, most of the snow is gone and the ice at the sea also started to melt already. It will be only a matter of weeks until the sea is ice free and that's why we are so damn busy. Most of the boats have to be ready before they are going into the water again. That means very long working days and not much time for stitching. 
But I've started stitching again on my "Old European Sampler" today and I am making good progress. I might get the first part of this SAL ready by the end of the weekend.

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