July 5, 2011

Another finish - Special Delivery

A few days ago I picked up Special Delivery by Black Bird Designs again and this morning I finally finished stitching it. It still needs finally finishing, but I am not sure yet what to use this sampler for. 
It was really difficult for me to decide which name to stitch under the sampler. First I thought to stitch my own, but I only have one first name and a birth year of 1978 is not as impressive. So I had to come up with a different solution. At the end I decided to use my grandmother's maiden name Maria Anna Mekers and her birthday. After all, it was her (and my Aunt Anny) who taught me how to cross stitch.
Here are some more close ups:


Cristina said...

What a beautiful sampler to dedicate to your grandmother! I love the colours.

Kathy A. said...

What a lovely stitch and what a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. That was a great choice.

Rowyn said...

Beautiful Daniela. You can't go wrong with Blackbird designs! I like how you personalised it as a tribute to your grandmother.

Tonny said...

Das ist ja mal eine Überraschung, etwas von Oma zu sehen auf deine Arbeit. Mama und ich finden dass eine sehr gelungene idee.
Ein schönes andenken an Oma Holland.
Many Greetings from your Mam and Dad.

Siobhan said...

Congratulations on the finish!