April 1, 2012

A crazy shopping Trip

First of all I'd like to apologize for falling behind on my posts.Things are really busy right now. The Mr. and I are moving back to Helsinki in just a couple of weeks and right now all I'm concerned about is getting all those boxes packed. And believe me there are plenty. 
Most troublesome is to box all my crafting supplies. It's almost as much as the regular household stuff. REALLY! It doesn't really help that just yesterday I went to Estonia to buy even more stash.

My knitting group organizes once a year a trip to Tallinn, Estonia to buy yarn, wool, lace, buttons and whatever else the crafter's heart desires. Since I only joined this knitting group last November it was my first shopping trip to Tallinn and I had been officially declared a "shopping virgin". I was kind of laughing about this title until I entered the first shop named Karnaluks. It was more like a use storage facility rather than a shop. Room after room full with shelves and boxes of wool, yarn and fabrics. They even had a separated room just for ribbons and lazy. After spending two hours in this shop we moved on to the next one and the next one and the next one. IT WAS CRAZY!
All together we were a group of 19 women, all armed with big bags and backpacks. Some even brought big empty suitcases to fill them up with goodies. After five hours of shopping and being back on the boat we all unpacked our treasures and counted how much yarn we bought. While I only bought 350 grams of beautiful pure merino wool the entire group made it to a total of more than 23kg of yarn.
Here are a few pictures of my shopping prey
I bough one meter of each of those beautiful fabrics
I stocked up on missing DMC colours
two meters each of this beautiful rickrack ribbon (the black one is velvet)
this is the Merino wool I bought. It is sooooo soft
of course I also bought some lace ribbons:
black, brown and green
cream and white
red, salmon and pink
and different shades of blue and violet 
I can't wait to finish some of my stitching projects with these beautiful fabrics and laces. But that will have to wait after we moved and settled in into the new apartment.


Catherine said...

Good luck with your move!! I remember when last we moved, my husband thought I had a lot of stitching stuff ~ I'd hate to see what he would think if we moved again! ;)
Great stash ~ the place you went sounds amazing! Did you get any pictures while there? Will be looking forward to seeing some finishes with your new goodies!

Eila said...

Karnaluks is a very special place...at last I was there about a month ago and I was spending my time there many hours.
You have bought so beautiful fabrics and bands!

Virpi said...

Well, we have to go there back soon, becaus we did not have enough time to see all the shops..... It was nice you could come along. Hope to see you on thursday...

Denise said...

Sounds like an awesome shopping trip. Love all the trim you got, lovely colors. I hope the move goes smoothly!
Happy Stitching

Mari said...

Your trip to Tallinn sounds very nice! Karnaluks is awesome, been there once :)

Happy easter to you!