May 20, 2012

Fair & Square pin cushions

This morning I felt a lot like sewing something. So I decided to finish my remaining Fair & Square pieces into little pin cushions.
Here is an update picture of my Fair & Square basket. It is quite full already and very soon I need to get a bigger basket.
The basket is the center piece of our dinner table and gets a lot of attention whenever we are having guests.
from Linda in 2009
from Milly in 2011
from Pam in 2012 - Pam designed those squares herself.


Catherine said...

Beautiful display!

JillMN said...

What a beautiful basket of finishes. I love seeing squares finished. I, have not been too good in doing this. Perhaps you have inspired me.

Kathy A. said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous Fair Squares. I think I recognize one of them LOL

Анна - Зонт said...

Beautiful basket!

Chrism said...

I love this idea :) they are fabulous - I have a large dish on my table which is empty at the moment - I now know how to get it filled :) thank you for the inspiration needed x

Gillie said...

The Ink Circles on the right is mine! I love your basket, just gorgeous!