May 19, 2012

I am back in business

After my last post about my lack of stitching motivations Theresa send me a link to an article with a rotation plan.  She and a few other stitching pales are following this plan with great satisfaction. I have never been a big fan of rotations (they never worked for me before) but in my desperation I thought it could not harm giving it a try.
I have chosen to rotate five projects and the first one to start with was the Alphabet 1900 or Riesenmustertuch, as we call it in the Sticklounge group.
So I have put in my first 10 hours already. That went much quicker than I thought. 10 hours of stitching time in just two days, not bad at all.
And here is the result. 
Almost all the dark brown parts have been stitched in this first round. You might wonder why I stitched in two different colours. That is, because I am changing it all to dark brown. I will have a lot of hours of frogging ahead of me, but I think the brown looks so much better and in the end the effort is well worth it.
The next 10 hours of stitching will go into Lady's Smock Fairy. It's one of my dead line stitching for Quilts 4 Kids.


OctoberLace said...

I'm glad the rotation is working for you. I also found that the 10 hour go more quickly than I expected. Theresa

Анна - Зонт said...

Great idea!!!
I have to organize the same :)))