October 28, 2012

Day-trip to the alpaca farm

Last week Sunday I made with my local knitting group a day trip to the alpaca farm. I had no idea that there are alpacas in Finland, but there are. It was all very exciting.
We started our day in the early morning with riding lessons on Norwegian Fjord horses. I didn't take any pictures myself, since I was to busy keeping myself up that horse.
After a few hours of riding we were all starving and headed to a restaurant for lunch. We skipped the dessert since there was coffee, tea and plenty of cake waiting for us at the alpaca farm.

The farm had a little shop and of course we bought plenty of alpaca wool for our next knitting projects. I bought two skeins of a beautiful grey-ish brown colour. I will use them for a pair of fingerless mittens.

Here is Drucilla sampling a skein of yarn. It is unbelievable how soft it is.

Beside the beautiful yarns, the shop also offered hand-knitted items like socks, hats, mittens, sweaters and blankets.  

And adorable decoration like this hand made alpaca.

Just to say a few words about my stitching progress. I finished three little projects during the week and I am working on three more little ones at the moment. Though I can't really share any pictures with you until December. All those projects are for Christmas exchanges and I don't want to spoil the surprise for my exchange partners. 
Also I am busy stitching the model of one of my own designs. Last year we run one of my designs as a SAL in my German stitching group Sticklounge and I have been asked if I have another small design that could be stitched in the group.


Nicola said...

Alpacas have such adorable faces and the wool from their coats is amazing to knit with, thank you for sharing.

Drucilla said...

Oh, I didn´t even notice you took that photo. I guess I was so fascinated by the yarn. Thank goodness it´s only my hands! :D

Isobel -Argante- said...

I think this is the first time I visit your blog... so lovely! Have a great sunday :)

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