September 25, 2012

Wow! It has been really almost one month to the day since my last post? Where did all that time go? And I don't even have a much stitching progress to show.

I promise, I am really trying to get better and stitch some more, but once again my motivation is lacking. Though I did a little bit of stitching on some Christmas ornaments exchanges and finished the 3rd part of the many years ago sampler. Sad to say I should be stitching on the 5th part already.

For a little I was really ambitious. I set up this 10-hour rotation plan and tried to stick to it, but when the turn came to "On travel with Jane Austen" I just simply couldn't let go of her. So I stitched much more than 10 hours on her. But then I came to a point where I couldn't continue because I have to reorder some floss first. So I set her aside and that was a while ago.

Anyway, my  motivation will come back. I'm sure about it. I will just wait patiently.


Catherine said...

Love the colors in this piece!

Virpi said...

Hope you find your motivation soon. That sampler looks grate, too! As I said earlier, I love the colours!