August 26, 2012

Yesterday's stitching meeting

Yesterday my Finnish stitching group had another meeting. This time it took place at Outi's home, which is about a two-hour-drive away from Helsinki. I was very lucky to catch a ride from my stitching friend Virpi who attended the same meeting. We had a lot of fun in the car, especially on the way back, since we rolled on our very last drops of gasoline to the next gas station. I was so worried that we get stuck on the highway.

I made some great progress on my Jane Austen sampler by "The Sampler Girl" and I got lots of compliments for it.

The only picture I have to show is from the early morning, when people where still gathering together. When the actually stitching madness started I completely forgot to take more pictures.
Outi's home is beautifully decorated with all her handmade items, including a lot of stitched pictures and goodies. All together there were about 14 stitchers with some leaving early and some more coming later that day.

For this meeting we decided to  have an Autumn themed exchange. As usual I forgot to take a picture of the package that I set together. And the recipient was the first one to leave. All I can say is that Sari really liked it and maybe you can see a picture of the whole set on her blog soon.

The set that I received was made by Kirsi. Isn't the wreath beautiful?
Here are some close ups.
Kirsi told me that she found the antique tread bobbin from the flea market. I think it is a perfect door wreath for any stitcher.


Mari said...

We had really fun day yesterday :). Your sampler is so pretty and the threads, wou, so beautiful.

Sari said...

Daniela, thank you once again! Was such a pleasure to meet you as the rest of "the gang" as well and I will try to take pictures of your gift tomorrow and blog it. I forgot to take pics of mine too =) Hope we can meet soon again, either here in Lahti or in Helsinki!

Virpi said...

It is really interesting to see a pic of your meeting. I wish I would have been there...

Virpi said...

Someone has to be the troublemaker and this time it was me.... Next time I will stop earlier to the gasstation (if I just remember...) Thanks for the good company on the long driwing trip and keeping me awake at morning during driwing =)

"pappi puikoissa" said...

Your Jane Austen Sampler is SO beautiful; can't hardly wait to see it finished!
And think, there were actually 16 stitchers in our house! :D

Kirsi said...

It was so nice to see you again! I am happy you like my wreath, it was fun making it - the idea just came to my mind! There is something about you in my blog... :)