April 11, 2013

Emmuli stitching weekend

I only have a few project pictures for you today. I have no time for stitch, too busy packing my suitcase and preparing my weekend.
Tomorrow I will go to my first cross stitching weekend. Yes! WEEKEND! Friday to Sunday. Three days full of cross stitching, chatting, laughing, eating cake and pulla and (since this is in Finland) Sauna.

I have been thinking about which stitching projects to take along.
Lately I have been stitching a little on 1814 Butterfly Collection by Carriage House Samplings and I think that one definitely has to come.
There are quite a few butterflies that have specialty stitches. After trying out the satin stitch in one butterfly I decided to leave all the satin stitches to the end, so the threads don't shed while I am still working on it.

Next project in my rotation would be the Biedermeier Sampler.
I only stitched a very little since my last update on this project, but it is one of my favorites, so it has to come as well.
I think my most favorite part of this sampler are the yellow reindeer, aren't they just too cute?

Without a doubt I will take my pouch project by Jeanny's Merklapperie with me. This design was once a SAL that now ended, but the chart is still on her blog. There you can also see pictures of the finished pouches. There are many color variations to see, but I wanted to stitch it in the original colors. Well almost, I changed the bright red to a more softer shade.
I thought, with all the chatting and laughing that will go on during the weekend, it might be smart to have also one easy stitching project. 

This is all for now. My next post will come after the weekend and hopefully I have lots of new pictures to show.


Jeanny said...

Your Biedermeier sampler looks great!
Have a very nice weekend!

Catherine said...

Wonderful projects!!! An entire weekend!?! Sounds positively wonderful to me!!!