April 15, 2013

My stitching weekend

As promised in my last post are here now the pictures of the stitching retreat during the weekend.

The weekend took place at an old country estate called Wuolteen kartano in Hauho. It was just the most beautiful place. Unfortunately the weather wasn't of it's finest. Spring is still far away and we had some rain.
This is the front view of the main building where we had our rooms and took our meals.
The main house seen from the lake side.
The little house on the right is the sauna building. It is right next to the lake.

The whole weekend was organised by the cross stitching shop Emmuli and needless to say Emmuli was open for business during the entire time.

Most tempting for me where all those beautiful fabrics and hand-dyed flosses and ribbons by Nina and I got myself quite some beautiful goodies.
Included in the weekend package was a little stitching gift. 

Quite a few stitchers already finished it during the retreat. Though not me. I was far to busy working on my Biedermeier Sampler. I just couldn't lay it out of my hands and made great progress.

Now that this sampler is almost finished I have to start thinking about the next one. Sari brought along one very old Burda magazine that includes a gorgeous German reproduction Sampler. She was so kind to borrow me the whole magazine and I can't wait to  buy some 35ct. Floba to start it.

But I have also bought another reproduction Sampler chart from Emmuli.
This one is Miriam Chilver's Sampler from 1833 by "Samplers Remebered". The Sampler is most likely American but includes English Symbols. It is much smaller than the Biedermeier sampler and I think I will stitch it on a lower count. Maybe one of my new 30ct's.

After all, I had a wonderful time with good friends and lots of cross stitching. 


Catherine said...

What a beautiful building!! Your sampler is very pretty and new goodies too!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh very beautiful pictures thank

bisous from FRANCE

Virpi said...

I just love your sampler... And thank you for being such a nice company on the weekend!