June 30, 2009

A little bit of this and that...

Unbelievable that is has been almost 2 weeks since my last blog entry. So many things have happen.
First of all I made a little progress on my Mary Wigham Sampler.

It is not as much as I planned to, but we had some disturbances going on last.
My beloved bicycle got stolen from my back yard. It was actually looked but the thief removed the front wheel where it was looked to, than stole another front wheel from the neighbors kid's bike, set everything back together and took off. I had the bike for 13 years and is actually a piece of crap (the tires get flat if not pumped up once a week, the gears are broken so it can only be driven in one gear, the saddle has a whole bunch of holes which can be very uncomfortable when it is raining, it is rusty every here and there and the lights are all missing) but I have to say, I loved that crappy old bike. I bought it when I was 18 from my first job ever. Took me have a year to safe enough money to effort it. I think the main thing that is disturbing me, is not that the big is gone, it is more that I cannot understand why people do such things. I have been raised with strong moral values therefore I can not understand that some people obviously don't have any morals at all. Anyhow, that is the main reason that I haven't worked on Mary Wigham since then.

But to keep myself busy with just something, I stitched up two freebies that have been on my ToDo-list for quite a while. First one is a pattern from prairie schooler called "rain" and the second one is "sweet heart cottage" from Maryse. I thing both turned out great. Especially the sweet heart cottage is most adorable.

I also would like to excuse myself if I am not updating my blog during the next 3 weeks as much as usual. My little sister and her boyfriend are coming on Thursday for a vacation. Since I am living in Finland, I do not see my family more often than once a year. So I like to give them my fully attention on this rare visits.
Happy Stitching to all of you and a beautiful summer (winter in Australia and New Zealand)


Tonny said...

Hallo Daniela.
Sehr schönen sample du du da gemacht hast. Bin bei Hedi auch schönen Grüßse von ihm.
Greetings Dad

Jan said...

OH Daniela, so sorry to hear your bike was stolen. It isn't so much the monetary value as the sentimental attachment to things that we have, and that can't be replaced! Shame on them!

I love the colors in your Mary Wigham, they are lovely, very, very lovely!! Love your two little finishes too. Now enjoy visiting with your family, and we will look forward to your return to blogging soon!

Rowyn said...

Wow, your Mary Wigham is looking super gorgeous! Your colour scheme is really lovely.

I like the freebies you have stitched up too.

Sorry to hear about your bike being stolen. There are some real low lifes about, I'll never understand them either.

Enjoy your time with your sister.

The Scarlett House said...

Daniela, I think I like your color choices the best over the others that I've seen. Great job.
Sorry about the bike. It's a shame that stuff like that happens.

KimV said...

Daniela! Oh, that stinks! I agree I just don't understand people who do things like that... and the obvious work that the thief went through to take it! If only they had applied that much energy to honest endevoures... sigh... some people's kids!
I love your freebies and I love your Mary Wigham... I have downloaded it also but have yet to start...
Have a great visit!

Kathy A. said...

Oh hon, I am so sorry that your bike was stolen. That is so unfair.
Love your progress on Mary Wingham.
BTW, I have your name for this round of Fair Squares. I am excited.
Have a great holiday with your sister.

Cindy F. said...

Daniela, I love your color choices for Mary. Such beautiful stitchy progress!
I hate to hear someone stole your bike! I understand it's sentimental value. Karma will show him....what goes around comes around.
How nice your little sister and her bf are coming to visit with you! Hope you all have a wonderful time together!

Suzanne said...

Great progress on Mary Wigham, I really love the colours you have chosen.

I love your two freebie finishes, very cute!

Sorry about your bike, it's sad what some people will steal. Someone stole my broom from the front door a while back, they must have been very desperate!