September 6, 2009

I'm a cheater!

Besides a little progress on my Mary Wigham I have barely stitched anything this week.

Instead I cheated on my stitching needles with my knitting needles. I just can't help myself, but when summer's gone and autumn arrives I always get a lack of stitching motivation.
With the first leaves turning and falling from the trees the only things I can think about are nice, warm and cozy winter scarfs. So this is what I was doing during the last couple of days. I knitted a scarf for my sweetheart, or better to say, I started. Because I run out of yarn and have to go to the wool store before I can finish it.

It is a real delight knitting a simple but beautiful pattern like this. I saw a similar one a couple of weeks ago somewhere in the net and wanted to try it myself. I am not much of a knitter that's why I like the turn out so much. I can only do some basic things but I would so much love to learn knitting socks and lace. Maybe someday I will get there.

I also knitted these few squares. They are only samplers. I knitted them from 100% wool and am going to felt them now. I want to see how the patterns turn out after the felting process and how much they are shrinking. My plan is to knit and felt a few handbags. Christmas is almost here and I like to have a few selfmade gifts on hand.


Wendy said...

Oooh the knitting looks great!! It is nice you like to do different kinds of creative things. So if you get bored of something, you can take something else. I love to knit too, and I would love to knit a sweater, I just have a big time problem, which is very sorry :(

Deb said...

Oh my goodness is your Mary Wigham looking wonderful. I think that your color choices are the prettiest I've seen so far. And your knitting looks wonderful too. I have been getting the itch to pull some yarn out too - it just has to be the cooler weather.

The French Bear said...

I am exactly the same, I love to cross stitch, but when it turns cold, I want to knit!!! I don't do either one a lot but I decided I need to focus more and try harder!!!
I love your knitting, I am interested to see what you do with the felting!!!
Margaret B

Michelle said...

All your projects are lovely, Daniela! It is so nice to see your progress on Mary Wigham - I will get back to mine someday :)

Siobhan said...

Your knitting looks great! You are very creative.

Your MW is so pretty--love the close up!

Connie said...

Hallo Daniela,
nun werde ich aber neidisch:-)) Das sieht so klasse aus und ich kann nicht stricken :-(((