September 15, 2009

Unusual beautiful Autumn

Normally around this time of the year we are having a lot of rain already, but not this time. This year we are having an unusual beautiful and warm Autumn.
Those of you who are reading my blog for quite a while already, know my passion of taking pictures of nature. And around autumn it always turns out that I am shooting mushrooms. Yes mushroom! So I did also this year. Want to see also last years mushroom pics click here.

Most of the pictures are quite dark, because even the sun was shining very bright, it didn't reach much of the ground. At this part of the forest the trees are standing very close to each other. It gives the forest the feeling of enchantment. I think I love this the most about living in Finland.

Besides shooting mushroom pictures, I also got some cross stitching done. I finished finally the 3rd part of See the Stars.

Just while taking this pictures I recognized that I am stretching out my Autumn love even into my cross stitching projects. I never realized that I am using so many Autumn related colors like this year.

Here is also my progress on Special Delivery. I really love to use the GA threads.

Last but not least are here a few knitting updates and pictures of my new stash. YEAH! I haven't bought the black yarn for my Mr.'s scarf yet but I went shopping for some other yarn. The felting experiment the other day turned out great, so I went ahead and bought nothing less than 1 kg of felting wool. Wuhuu, the bag knitting can start now. I also purchased 6 balls of a very bright lime green Acrylic yarn. It is so super soft. I already started knitting with it. It is the first time that I am knitting a swirled pattern. I always thought it is so difficult, I could never do anything like that, but it turned out to be quite easy and I love the result.


Cari said...

Daniela, you take lovely photographs.

I live in Virginia and we are still in the midst of summer. It will be in the mid-80's today. Though I am enjoying the last remnants of summer, I look forward to Fall.

Your green scarf is beautiful. I love the design and the color is fantastic!

Enjoy your day.

Deb said...

Love your knitting and both of your WIPs. Your photography is very nice. Interesting how many different types of mushrooms there are.

Kathy A. said...

Love your mushroom shots. You have captured the feeling of a fairy forest beautifully.
Love your stitching progresses.
That lime green wool - gorgeous.

Suzanne said...

Love the photos of the mushrooms. Are you able to pick any of the mushrooms for eating? That's one of my favourite past times in the autumn here.

Love the stitching, the colours are a lovely warm autumn colour.

Michelle said...

Hi Daniela!

I can't wait to see some of those knitted bags - it sounds very interesting!

Love the photos of the mushrooms!

Jan said...

Lovely photos, Daniela! I love pics of nature, and you do a great job with your camera.

Your wips are coming along, I really love them both, and the colors are my favorites too!

Siobhan said...

What lovely pictures, Daniela! I enjoy your nature pics even if I don't like mushrooms. ;) They do look like you are in an enchanted forest!

Your knitting and stitching WIPs are so pretty. I need to get back to my Special Delivery!