February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Exchange and the downside of spring cleaning...

Hi everyone, wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day. A few month ago I signed up for the Valentines Day pinkeep exchange in my German cross stitch group "Sticklounge" and today is the day that we are finally allowed to open our exchange packages. I received form my exchange partner a biscornu with little dragonflies in pastel purple. 
It will be very good use for me, because until now I always used my sofas armrest as a pincushion :)

Here are some more pictures. This time of the pinkeep that I send to my partner. The pictures really don't do the mustard yellow fabric any justice.

Today's another beautiful freezing cold (-17C) but sunny day. So I decided to continue my spring cleaning. I've started already last week with washing all the walls in our apartment. Today I moved on to the living. Now the walls are again clean and white, all furniture and books are wiped clean from dust and of course I also washed my curtains.
And here's the bummer. After pulling my cotton curtains out of the washing machine and hanging them back up to the windows I realized that they are now 10cm shorter than they were before. Damn it! But since I've decided to get new curtains in a lighter colour sometime during next summer anyway, I will just ignore the missing 10cm.

For the rest of this beautiful day, I will continue stitching on my See the Star. I am almost done, just a tiny little bit left.


Michele said...

LOL! I also stick needles in the sofa cushions and arms! My worst habit is sticking the needle in my shirt. My children check my shirt before giving me a hug! :)

Siobhan said...

-17C!! Yikes. Beautiful gifts! My worst habit is sticking my needle in my mouth. One day I'm going to forget and swallow it! LOL Stay warm!

Kathy A. said...

Gorgeous biscornu. Your pinkeep it wonderful. Love that bright yellow!
Thank goodness you had plans for new curtains or you might have had to sew a little something along the bottom LOL