January 7, 2013

1827 Biedermeier Sampler

The new year has started and that means, it is Crazy January Challenge again. Rather to start 15 new projects this year, I decided to do the alternative WIP challenge. I picked 12 projects, for each month one. I know, it should have been 15, but my projects are big and I have no bad feelings about skipping three. 

The whole list of projects can be found in the side bar on the right. They are in no particular order. I haven't even decided which project to stitch in which month. I'll just pick them up as I go.

Anyway, during January I am stitching the Biedermeier Sampler. It is a reproduction from a Sampler dated in 1827. I started this one with the Crazy January Challenge last year, but I didn't get more than a few stitches done. 
Now I've been stitching for about a week and almost a third of it is ready. 
I hope to finish the sampler this month, so I can move on to the next one. Though I am a little doubtful to finish all 12 projects this year. But lets see. After all there are 51 more weeks time.


Nicola said...

I really love the colours on this piece. You have chosen such a beautful sampler to stitch. Looking forward to seeing your other projects.

Michelle said...

This is such a beautiful piece! Great idea to pick one project per month - looking forward to seeing them :)

Denise said...

This is a beautiful sampler. I have decided to do the same as you and do 12 large WIP this year rather than start 15 more.
Happy Stitching

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful - I love the soft colors in this one. There are some very interesting stitches in your side bar. Look forward to watching them develop.

Catherine said...

Love, love, love this! The colors are so pretty!!

Vaida said...

A really nice sampler - love those muted colours! And a good start of the stitching year ;)