January 30, 2013

something a little older

It's the second last day of the month and to my shame I have to say, that I did not finish the Biedermeier sampler. I haven't even continued stitching on it.  
It just happened that I got surprisingly involved in a few act-of-kindness-projects. As well there is the Fair & Square exchange and some other small gifts that have to be stitched and finished.

As it usually goes with this kind of projects, I cannot show any pictures until the lucky ladies have received their gifts. And that may take a few more month.

However, I do have one project to show that I stitched sometime during last autumn. 
I stitched this apple sampler for an autumn exchange and was kind of in a hurry to get it all ready. It finished the sampler into the lid of a round black painted box. As it happens so often, it completely slipped my mind to take a picture of the finished box.

I really loved how the box turned out. It was so much my own style. I was very much tempted to keep it myself. I think I will stitch it someday again and finish it just the way I did for the exchange.


Catherine said...

Very cute finish!

Nina said...

What a lovely apple :) Can I ask its name and name of designer, please? :)

Maria said...

Wery pretty apple sampler :)