February 25, 2013

Bee pincushion

The weather is finally getting better here in Finland. It isn't all that dark and gloomy anymore and most of the days the sun is shining, though it is still cold and we have a lot of snow.

I have been stitching a lot this month and a really wish I could show you some of my finished stitching. However, they are all mend for exchanges and gifts. It kind of frustrates me, that I have nothing to show.

But I dug out another project from last year. I finished this bee pincushion just before Christmas, but the light was so bad that I couldn't take any good pictures. Today I remembered that I haven't shown this project yet, so here it is: my bee pincushion.
The pompom ribbon is unraveling a lot and I had quite some trouble with it. By far it doesn't look perfect but it is fine for me. After all, this pincushion is not for decoration, I am using it almost daily and it will wear out eventually anyways.
The bee design is from Tantes Zolder and I stitched it with my own hand-over-dyed thread on 25ct evenweave one over one.


Catherine said...

I love this ~ so sweet!!

Kathy A. said...

What a sweet pincushion. I love the soft yellow colors.

Mari said...

So pretty!

Kaisa said...

Oh, how lovely, spring colours

Sari said...

Your pincushion is really lovely!

Maria said...

Great pincushion, both stitching and finishing. Gourgeous :)