March 2, 2013

Valentine's Day exchange

I should have posted about my latest Fair & Square exchange earlier, but I had the pictures stored on my husbands work computer and only remembered today, to transfer them to my own. 
Anyway, the latest exchange was a Valentine's Day theme and I was partnered with Pokua in Australia.  Pokua is a very talented stitcher and I admire her style a lot. So it is needless to say that I was very pleased having her as a partner.

These are the squares she stitched for me.
Secretly I was hoping for a heart shaped design. I have always wanted to add a heart pillow to my Fair&Square basket and my wish came true. 

I think it looks gorgeous. What do you think?

Her is a picture of the square I stitched for Pokua. The design is from Samplers & Santas and is one of her pear designs. I had to move the first few letters a little to fit it into a  more square-like shape.
The picture is not of a  very good quality. I am sorry about that.


Catherine said...

Such sweet projects!

Maria said...

How pretty :)