August 4, 2012

for my little sister

Do you remember? A few months back I told you about a stitching project that was going to be a present for my little sister. I intended to send the gift by mail a long time ago, but never managed. During our holidays in Germany I finally presented my sister with her stitched gift. 
Now, I have to say my little sister isn't too found of my cross stitching obsession. I am fine with that, people have different hobbies and my sister's taste is very different from mine.
But when I saw this design by Emily Peacock in one of the Cross Stitcher magazines, I knew I had to stitch it for her. And to make it useful I finished it into a little pouch, that she could use for her knick-knack.
I love the way how fabric, ribbon and stitching fits together. And also my sister loves it very much. 


Catherine said...

Very cute!!

Virpi said...

I's sure your gift helps your sister to change her mind about your hobby =D

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Daniela!

It was a real joy to get know You and we really did have great time yesterday stitching together at Virpis's garden !

Lovely stitching for your sister.
The fabrics and everything else really look nice together.

Thank You for the tip about dyeing the "Ugly DMC Colours" to be pretty and usefull :) :)

Virpi said...

This is really nice. The best finnish I have seen with that picture and the ribbon and button are fitting so nicedly together. Your sister is very lucky to have such a wonderful pounch!